Play Based Learning

Play based curriculum is rich in the fundamentals of what childhood is; a curiously playful approach to learning from the environment that we find ourselves in! The building blocks of this curriculum are set in the knowledge that children learn best, when they are actively involved and interested in what they are learning.

Play based learning instills a natural love and positive approach to learning. Through this type of educational approach children are able to learn to take initiative, expand their imagination and take fun, hands-on experiences and use them to continuously build on their learning.

Jumongous products are well geared toward play and interest based learning. We at Jumongous have been formally trained and are active RECE’s. Cristina has been a teacher in a play/interest based program for over 10 years. We are well aware of the importance of quality, open ended materials that allow for children to gain further experience with the topics that interest them. In addition, these products give the teacher opportunities to manipulate the materials to strengthen and introduce all areas of development. 

Our simple, yet comprehensive and practical approach of providing materials and activities for the classroom is what makes us unique. Our products will have your classroom and/or centre fully stocked with fun and educational resources. The best part is that the supply chain is up to you. Once you purchase a product, you are able to stock, use and refresh the activity as needed; NEVER having to purchase the product again!

We are sure that you’ll find our products to be open ended for continuous use!

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