About Us

A little company, doing BIG things!

Who We Are

Jumongous is an educational resource company based in Toronto Canada. We are two individuals passionate about education. We each hold Montessori accreditations and are members of the College of Early Childhood Educators. We have worked with children of all ages in a variety of programs and LOVE being a part of the magical and inspiring moments of a child’s development.

What We Hope to Do

It's really quite simple. We want to help equip educators with materials and resources that will make their job easier, be cost effective, convenient and most importantly, inspire and enrich the development of children.

How We Hope to Do It

We hope to accomplish our goal of equipping educators with a tri-fold approach:
1. Products
2. Building Community
3. Trainings

We offer products for Autism and Speech Therapy, in the Montessori Approach, in play or interest based approaches and helpful classroom aids. All our products are available as downloadable PDF’s for easy accessibility, reducing our carbon footprint and keeping costs reasonable thereby making the products accessible to everyone. Using our products as digital master-copies gives educators the opportunity to easily maintain the learning materials by printing and preparing on an as-needed basis. Just think; you’ll never have to throw out one of our activities because of a missing card...you’ll have full access and ability to print and use a replacement card completing the activity for continual use, year after year!

We want to be a bridge uniting early childhood educators, reaching beyond particular educational approaches and focusing on a life long love of learning and inspiring children. We know and appreciate that everyone brings unique and valuable insights and ideas to the table. Why not learn and encourage each other to do our jobs better and help create a positive future of well rounded and equipped children! You can also follow us on our blog, our newsletter, Facebook and twitter, where we post on topics relating to helping children to navigate through their development.

We hope to offer trainings that will help inspire and spur educators on to not only help children along in their development, but also further their own personal and career growth. Working with various professionals, we will be offering a variety of trainings. Stay tuned for upcoming trainings!